Tire Pressure, Lawyer Litigation and Politics – What About Reality, Fuel Savings and Vehicle Safety

Do you remember when the Ford Explorer and Firestone Tire issue rocked the automotive world? It was a huge show down between class action lawyers and the industry, with the government regulators close in tow. Billions of dollars in future company revenues were lost, brand names torched and the lawsuit ended with a huge settlement. The regulators were expected to make some huge changes, but that is not what happened mamaknows

The tire pressure issue was over turned by the NHTSA, but many expected it to come back stronger next time as consumer groups and politicians judging the wind flow see the political advantage of caving into such demands came to the opportunistic table. Folks in the tire business cringe to consider it, as it will open the tire industry to more class action lawsuits.

The RMA Rubber Manufacturers Association wanted to fight PSI level (amount of air in the tires) definitions, because it is not a one size fits all. Many things go into deciding proper inflation and PSI levels depending on such things: mamaknows

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